How does IPL work for facial redness?

While there are all sorts of skin care products available for temporary relief for rosacea and redness, your best bet for long-term results is looking to a skin care machine like IPL.

A series of IPL treatments can effectively reduce tiny broken blood vessels (often found around the nose, chin and on the cheeks), that contribute to facial redness.

IPL machines work by targeting the hemoglobin in the dilated blood vessels with wavelengths of intense light. The light is absorbed by the blood vessel, heating it to the point of destruction. The body absorbs the destroyed vessel and processes itself out of the body via the lymphatic system. Surrounding healthy skin and blood vessels are left unharmed.

The number of treatments required to banish your redness will depend on the severity of your condition. While IPL will arguably offer the most dramatic results in your quest for a red-free face, maintenance treatments here or there may be required if symptoms re-emerge. A qualified IPL specialist will be able to analyse your skin condition and discuss the best course of action for long-term relief.

Ultimately, there’s no need to banish yourself to a hermit cave for the rest of your days if you suffer from embarrassing skin redness. Make a beeline to a trusted skin therapist instead and you can be rocking a clearer, more confident complexion sooner than you think!